Fox’s ‘Big One’ Pizza

Fox’s is home to “the Biggest Pizza In Town”… our 30-Inch, 52 slice Big One pizza! This huge pizza is a crowd favorite and perfect for your next event. The Big One Pizza is perfect for school events, birthday parties and other activities where plenty of people need to eat.

Take the ‘Big One’ Challenge

We have an exclusive 30″ “Biggest Pizza in Town” fundraiser challenge!  Simply gather at least 5 teams of up to 5 hungry supporters and give us a call to schedule your event.  We’ll split the proceeds with you in this fun, team building event. Interested in additional fundraiser night or ideas? Visit our fundraiser page for simple ideas and details!

>  Click here to view the official rules for Fox’s ‘Big One’ Challenge.

Want to see how exciting your challenge event can be?  Imagine yourself in one of these seats…