Fox’s Gluten Friendly Disclaimer

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Gluten Friendly Disclaimer

We do our best and take care to serve our valued customers with gluten friendly crusts. Our gluten friendly crusts are supplied by a gluten free bakery. They arrive, are baked and delivered to your table or pizza box. However, Fox’s is not a gluten free environment. Also, any toppings and sauces on pizzas may not be gluten free. We mix pizza dough throughout the day and at any given time, particles of flour are present in the kitchen and dining areas. Furthermore, we can not warranty that the foods we serve are actually gluten free due to changes in brand or supplier and/or cross contamination.
Fox’s does not assume any liability for these foods offered. Thanks, From Our Den To Yours.

Fundraising With Fox’s Pizza!

Let Fox’s Pizza help raise money for your school or organization. Schedule a fundraising night, and 20% of participating sales will go to your cause. How easy is that?